Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A New Model for Higher Education

The above link is to an initiation document for the Professional Society of Academics proposal.  It is in draft form.  Contribution is most welcome.

It presents the professional alternative as a bid for the higher education social contract, which has been recently and unofficially forced opened by crises across the triad, such as: 1) The purchase of accreditation through private "revitalization investment" in a growing number of struggling or near defunct institutions; 2)  The meteoric rise of private and public ventures into Massive Open Online Courses; 3) The continued reduction in public support for everything from higher education finance to its philosophy...

This tender is part of a larger reform effort wherein the service, governance, finance and representation features of the professions are combined with those of the co-operative model in use since the early 19th century.  This professional/co-operative model can place higher education in the social economy, at a comfortable distance from capitalist or state involvement.


  1. I know this seems petty and has nothing to do with the quality of thought in the document, but to have "daft form" instead of "draft form" in the second sentence is just too ironic to overlook. Might be worth a quick edit.

  2. "forced opened" should be "forced open".

  3. The content of the document is quite relevant and the message quite clear; seems to me it's significance justifies the need to overlook minor issues such as spelling errors.
    An emphasis on spelling errors and the like seems quite trivial.

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