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Higher Education Is Not A Game

[NOTE: The following is not a crisis call nor is it meant as an indictment of the integrity of the profession or any particular individual with in it. Instead, it is observation meant to raise consciousness and present PSA’s correction of the gaming problem in higher education systems around the world.] The Nature of Higher Education Gaming Gaming the higher education (HE) system is a form of cheating and cheating is a problem for all education systems, at all levels. Along with other known and yet to be conceived means, gaming occurs when: 1) Students exchange homework, use crib notes during exams, and engage in contract cheating such as hiring ghost writers for essays or “ gunmen ” (as they are called in China) to impersonate and take tests for them or even take the entire course or degree . 2) Teachers artificially inflate class averages , create inappropriately easy assignments or tests, take bribes to inflate individual grades, take bribes to accept students to athletic progra

Financial Liberation of Higher Education

  I have updated some of the key numbers that support the PSA model. I decided to post my calculation document in raw form. The numbers speak for themselves, but I’ll provide some elaboration. All calculations are based on the 2016-17 academic year and are in constant 2017-18 USD. Data has been averaged across 2 and 4-year public institutions and is presented in full time equivalent (FTE) measures . The data sources are the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the College Board (CB). Calculations do not include weighting for 2-year vs. 4-year institutions or undergraduate vs. graduate level of study. Two notable calculations: a)    Maintaining the current number of FTEF and an annual practice expense of $200,000, the PSA model can provide HE for 34% of the total revenue in the HEI model. b) At 34% of total revenue, PSA can provide not only a sustainable, respectable living for all FTEF, but tuition-free HE to 11,239,067 FTESs for a 10% increase in FTESs. As alway