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Badge Movements and the Professional Model for Higher Education

It has taken me longer to get to this than anticipated, but here is my first attempt to synthesize the professional higher education model and the badge model now in development. Please forgive me for its length (3000 words).  It assumes the reader is familiar with the professional model for higher education.  If this is not the case then please consult, The New Tender.  This is cross-posted at HASTAC.
The Professional Model and Recognition of Badges Institutions do not educate but provide support to individuals that do educate.  The professional model fully embraces this fact and maintains that institutions (universities and colleges) are not required as support for higher education.  The observation that other vital personal services such as legal, medical, engineering, and accounting can be provided through professional society and licensure is reason to believe the same can be done for all forms of higher education, from 2-year colleges to 4-year research universities, covering all …