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Progress Toward Free Higher Education: City College of San Francisco

In the latest state attempt to salvage the California higher education social contract, bill SB 520 indicates that 85% of California Community Colleges (CCC) reported having waiting lists for their fall 2012 course sections, with a statewide average of more than 7,000 students on waiting lists per college.This figure of nearly 500,000 individuals does not include those for whom such a salient fact discourages pursuit of higher education – be it a child entering high school or an adult entering retirement.
These individuals are not only denied access to higher education, they are left vulnerable to exploitation by venture and “philanthrocapitalists” chomping at the bit to get a piece of the SB 520 online solution.
This circumstance is particularly offensive since the affected have a right to free higher education, as ratified by the United States in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights [here after, International Covenant].Article 13, sections 2 (c) and (e…

My First MOOC: Helping Me Better See Features and Redesign of Higher Education

NOTE: This post was generated in response to Cathy’s N Davidson’s November 23rd HASTAC post and its “Evolving, Collaborative Template of Open-Ended Questions.”   There was posted today a revised version of these questions, with considerable conceptual distinction.  Nevertheless, I think the response I offer to the first version is instructive, so I have posted it.  I have stopped work in light of the revised focus on credentials, but have managed to cover the following shared topics/headings: 1) About our university/What we value; 2) Comparables; 3) Costs; and 4) Students/Learners.  As for my thoughts on the professional model and credentials please see: 1) The Inmates Should Be Running Higher Education and 2) Badge Movements and the Professional Higher Education Model.

As part of the crowd contributing to an evolving document in Cathy N Davidson’s Coursera MOOC, “The History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education,” I offer response to the exploratory questions posed by Cathy - see ex…