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Universities and Colleges as Vendors for Professional Academic Practices

The topic of outsourcing or vendor partnerships is important if your interest is in maintaining the current institutional model for higher education – a triad consisting of university/college service providers, public funding and union labour representation.  I am not.
The editors of January's issue of Evolllution note that the cost of delivering higher education is skyrocketing as institutional operating budgets continue to decline.  I believe the institutional model is simply not sustainable, nor does it adequately serve the needs of life long learners and non-traditional students.
I think it is time for radical change - a completely different perspective.
From the perspective of the professional model for higher education I am developing, universities and colleges are the vendors and professionally licensed academics in private practice their customers.  Students directly hire academics for their services – as they would a physician, accountant, veterinarian or psychiatrist - whil…