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"Philip G. Altbach: Down the Slippery Slope - The New Commercialism and the Decline of Standards" - Inside Higher Ed
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"For Student Success, Stop Debating and Start Improving" - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Stop Starving Public Universities and Shrinking the Middle Class" - California Progress Report
"Winning the Global War for Tech Talent" - Harvard Business Review Blog Network
"Chinese Students Account for About Half of All International Applicants to U.S. Graduate Programs" - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Higher education and research can and should be provided under the professional paradigm, not the university-government-union "hybrid"." - TED Conversation
"Is the global state of higher education a more pressing concern than others such as the environment, energy, food, human rights,...?" - TED Conversation
"College: As It Was, Is, and Should Be" - Inside Higher Ed
"When Is It Too Early to Specialize in College, and Why Do It?" - The Chronicle of Higher Education

"US pay rises fail to match inflation" - The Times Higher Education
"Why Does Tuition Go Up? Because Taxpayer Support Goes Down" - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"College Completion: Are measures of completion the best tool for the public to judge the quality of an institution?" - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"College Completion: How can colleges find, enroll, and graduate the millions of people in the United States who have some college, but no credential?" - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"College Completion: Are graduation rates just a function of spending? Can institutions with scarce resources really do anything to improve their completion rates?" - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Forging a New Way Forward to Transform College Faculty Employment Practices" - New Faculty Majority Foundation
"Calling all Academics: April 2 as the Day for Higher Ed" - Inside Higher Ed
The Adjunct Project - Organizing
"Accreditation Is Eyed as a Means to Aid Adjuncts" - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"You Got Into College, Now How Will You Pay for It?" - Impatient Optimists
"Low-quality teaching detrimental to 'brand UK' - Comments" - The Times Higher Education

"Low-quality teaching detrimental to 'brand UK'" - The Times Higher Education
"London lecturers strike over pensions" - The Times Higher Education
"New report finds modest gains in America's college attainment rates" - Lumina Foundation
"Celebrating Community Colleges and Their Students" - Impatient Optimists
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